Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iPhone App: iStellar

iStellar is a mobile planetarium and astronomy app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Based on the time and location setting input by the user, iStellar able to display the stars on the night sky for the given location. Information obtained through the GPS function, iStellar will chart the location of stars and will rotate according to the position detected by the position sensor. It is optimized for Multi-Touch control, allowing you to operate intuitively; drag to move the star chart, pinch to zoom in and out, and so on.
The star chart can be rotated from portrait to landscape, and you can even fix the location via GPS (only for iPhone 3G). a portable and easy addition to your star gazing inventory.

The drawback is the database itself which is a bit limited if you want a full ngc-ic catalogs, but despite that, its own database is quite acceptable.

- Over 16,000 star data, with name for 254 stars
- Twinkles like actual stars
- Displays the Sun, daylight, twilight, the Moon (with shape and phase), 8 planets, Pluto
- Shows labels, line and drawings for all constellations
- Show the Milky Way
- Messier objects and their names
- Adjustable moonlight and light pollution
- Landscape and azimuth/direction grid

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