Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alien Signal Detected?

A remarkable radio emission from a close by galaxy cough on June 2010 may be the indication of an alien civilization astrophysicists have been looking for.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Infrared Astronomy

Infrared light or (IR) is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength longer than that of visible light that naked eye can see, starting from the nominal edge of visible red light at 0.7 micrometres, and extending gradually to 300 micrometers.

These wavelengths correspond to a frequency range of approximately 430 to 1 THz, and also it includes most of the thermal radiation emitted by objects near room temperature.
So it simply bring us to a new world that we never saw before with our naked eyes, and opens up many areas of studies in many field, including astronomy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Near Earth Objects Danger and Studies

Near-Earth Objects or NEOs are those asteroids that have escaped the confines of the main belt.They roam freely among the planets of the inner Solar System in which Earth is the largest target.Asteroid 433 Eros was the first discovered to have left the main belt and crossed the orbit of Mars.Eros comes within 13 million miles of Earth's orbit. In March 1932, another Mars-crossing asteroid was discovered with a perihelion of 1.08 AU. It was given the name 1221 Amor. It became the prototype Mars-crosser with a perihelion between 1.0 AU and 1.3 AU.

Book of the Dead Mystery and Secrets

The "Book of the Dead" is an illustrated papyrus scroll placed in the tomb as a guidebook for the deceased during his perilous journey through the "Nether World" in the after life. The Book of the Dead is a composite of ancient Egypt's oldest and most important religious texts and magical spells. Some of the writings come from Egypt's Pre-dynastic period, and were 4,000 years old during the time of Jesus. The Book of the Dead is not a book as we know it, but rolls of papyrus that contain a collection of spells, incantations, prayers, hymns, and rituals that were written by the priests over Egypt's long history.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Book of Gates in the Egyptian Mythology

One of three major myths about the sun god compiled in the New Kingdom(1550–1069 B.C.), the Book of Gates refers to the 12 gates separating the hours of the night.
It is a vast body of writings, spells, and incantations collected from the religious literature stored in temple libraries. The Gates divide the 12 hours of the night and separate the enemies that the sun god will encounter.
Similar myths tell a slightly different story of RE's perilous journey through the 12 hours of the night, and of his joyous rebirth in the eastern sky each morning.