Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Mentos cause Soda explosion?

I've read a lot of articles about this but lately i have found this good explained one that i wanted to share with you. So what cause that weired reaction we all saw or even tried for ourselves.

when you drop a mentos piece in a bottle of coke, a "soda fountain results in a very quick and aggressive way. Soda is basically a "mixture" of sugar, flavoring, water and carbon dioxide(which added to the liquid by a process called carbonation) some of this carbon dioxide comes out of the solution forming the bubble we all like, some of it remains between water molecules which give the soda it's "light" feel as we drink it, but you can make the carbon dioxide escape by giving it a surface where it's molecules can gather on.

An object like mint added to the liquid does the trick. A few carbon dioxide molecules bind to it's surface and through some process called nucleation, aggregate more until visible bubbles form. All those bubbles have nowhere to go but out of the bottle forming a vast expansion taking the soda with them. Bubbles could form around many objects, like your finger, but the best known result seems to be from mentos.

You might get stunned if you know that no one know exactly the scientific explanation, but scientists have made some speculations. The most common theory is that the combination of mentos rough surface(which provides more nucleation sites than smoother objects) and also the mentos density make them sink to the bottom of the bottle causing that reaction all the way down.

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